Our Model

All Children Deserve the Best

For a family who can afford it, Madison offers a wide choice of high quality early childhood programs. At The Playing Field, we commit to making the highest level of quality available to children from varied backgrounds.

We seek to care for children in the context of our diverse community. We see this as a beginning step towards minimizing the disparity between our youngest citizens.

As part of this commitment, enrollment spaces are reserved for children based on three specific funding sources:

1/3 Privately Funded

Research supports the idea that children learn best in diverse groups. 

A third of our enrollment spaces are reserved for families who might choose any high-quality program for their child but choose The Playing Field because they value diversity and support our mission.

1/3 Funded by Scholarship & Private Funds

High quality care is out of reach for many families. 

It is our aim to raise scholarship funds for a third of our children. These funds will assist families who can not qualify for child care subsidy or who would incur very high co-payments. These funds will also be available to help families as they move forward professionally and lose child care funding.

1/3 Funded by Early Head Start

Homeless children are part of our community.

A third of our enrollment spaces are reserved for families funded by Early Head Start. Families experiencing homelessness are given priority for these funds
and welcomed into our school family.