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Spring 2024

Letter From Abbi

Dear Friends of The Playing Field,

In this newsletter, I just want to express gratitude to every supporter, staff person, and family member who makes our work possible!

Nine years ago, I was only dreaming of The Playing Field and what it could be. While it was exciting to reimagine early care and education, it was also scary— mostly because I felt very alone. Remembering this feeling always causes me to pause and be thankful for every person who has joined this journey.

When I walk into the sites and see the warm relationships between children, staff and families, I always take a moment to celebrate. Children spend many hours in early education settings and those hours should be filled with joy.

In addition to celebrating staff and children, I also celebrate families and supporters. Our families entrust their children to us every day and our donors entrust us by investing in our model.

Thank you to every one of you who follows our program and contributes to our mission!

Best Wishes,


Celebrating Nicole Remsik

Please join us in celebrating Nicole Remsik and her success in completing her education!

Nicole has been in early education for twenty years. She has been at The Playing Field since 2016 serving in an infant toddler classroom. Nicole has amazing interactions with babies and beautiful relationships with both coworkers and families. Known as “Coco,” she is a dearly loved member of our school family!

Over the years, Nicole has taken a variety of steps towards completing her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. As a single mother of two special needs children, it was challenging for her to focus on her educational goals. She said The Playing Field has provided her with the support she needed to move ahead.

Nicole is currently working and finishing her degree. Last semester, she not only earned a perfect 4.0 GPA but received an award from the National Society of Leadership and Success.

Nicole says her journey with Conscious Discipline has helped her to heal past traumas and her School Family at The Playing Field has become a source of encouragement she didn’t have before. Nicole says the biggest change has been her growing self confidence which is apparent to everyone around her.

The Playing Field believes that caring for children begins with caring for teachers. We are proud to support Nicole as she grows personally and professionally and thrilled to see her supporting the growth of others!

Please join us in celebrating our “Coco!” We have always known how wonderful she is and it’s amazing to see her recognized for her achievements!

Celebrating with Families

Family Events are a big part of our program. Each month, families gather together over the shared love of their children.

In February, our east side sites hosted a Valentines Day breakfast. Families were invited to join their children’s classrooms for breakfast as the day began. Usually family events are held in the evenings but, changing the days and times assures that all families have the opportunity to participate— even those who may work irregular hours.

Having our own bus also means transportation is not a barrier for families who want to participate.

Please enjoy these amazing photos. You can feel the love!

Thank You 100 Men of dane county!

Our entire School Family wants to extend our thanks to 100 Men Dane County! We were the first quarter winners and received a generous grant of $94,000.

This money will be applied to our scholarship fund. Scholarship funds provide access to children who might otherwise be denied a high quality early educational experience.

Thank you to all the members of 100 Men Dane County!


Thank you, Slumberkins

Our midtown and east side sites received a generous donation from an anonymous employee of Slumberkins. While this person didn’t want any credit for themselves, they were happy to share about the amazing company where they work.

Slumberkins is an emotional learning brand on a mission to empower children to be caring, confident, and resilient. The company was founded by a special education teacher and family therapist.

Slumberkins is dedicated to a great start to the emotional wellness journey and believes that all caretakers, especially preschool and early education teachers, need support in building emotional wellness skills in children. 

The children in our classrooms are enjoying their colorful books and soft “stuffies.”


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Want to help?

We continue to raise funds for ongoing needs including scholarships for children. These scholarship funds assure that no child is ever denied access to our high quality program.

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