Our Mission

Our Mission

The Playing Field is dedicated to breaking the barriers faced by low-income families in accessing high-quality early care and education.

Cost ā€“ For families who rely on childcare subsidies, most high-quality programs are far out of reach. The parent portion of the payment would simply be too high. We assure no family is turned away because of an inability to pay.

TransportationĀ ā€“ Through a partnership with Early Head Start, our midtown location offers transportation within the city limits of Madison.

High Rates of Suspension and ExpulsionĀ ā€“Ā Two hundred and fifty preschool-aged children are suspended or expelled every dayĀ with boys of color being disproportionately impacted. We provide inclusive environments with highly skilled teachers who can support children in learning new skills.

All Are Welcome Here

At The Playing Field, Foster Growth and Development in Every Child, Leveling the Ground for Their Success

Building a Model for Early Education

The Playing Field believes that taking care of children begins with taking care of teachers. We support our teachers by offering competitive wages and benefits as well as low child to teacher ratios.

We invest heavily in staff development. During year one all new classroom staff participate in the Conscious Discipline eCourse which is facilitated by our leadership. Teachers are also paired with Mentor Teachers who can support their learning and classroom implementation of Conscious DisciplineĀ®.

Upon completion of the eCourse, teachers can apply to attend the weeklong Conscious DisciplineĀ® training. After attending this training, the expectation is that teachers establish a model classroom where other educators can observe Conscious DisciplineĀ® in practice. Teachers can then move into roles as Mentor Teachers where they mentor new staff. From this group of Mentor Teachers, we identify candidates for other leadership roles.

Supporting Families in Breaking Barriers & Reaching Goals

The Playing Field knows that access to child care is an important element for families seeking to move out of poverty. Reach Dane (Early Head Start,) United Way of Dane County, and the City of Madison provide financial support to families seeking access to quality care.
While we focus on early education, our community partners support families in breaking barriers and reaching their own goals. The Road Home assists families with stable, affordable housing and case management services. Plumbers Union Local 75 and the Department of Workforce Development provide paid apprenticeship opportunities for adults seeking job training opportunities.
Our unique partnerships allow each organization to focus on their own areas of expertise and offer family support in a coordinated effort.

Why it Matters

In the first three years of life, a child develops the mental models from which they will operate for life:

  • How they see themselves. (Am I worthy?)
  • How they relate to others. (Can others be trusted)?
  • How they will manage feelings and regulate stress.
  • How they will be motivated to grow, learn and succeed.

Thank You to Our Community Supporters

Our community supporters make The Playing Field possible