Conscious Discipline Institute for Infants/Toddlers

September 25th – September 30th | Madison, WI

The Madison Infant/Toddler Institute offers the same life-changing experience attendees of the original Orlando Institute have enjoyed for 20+ years. Discover the proven power of the Conscious Discipline Institutes as Master Instructor Angela Fraley leads you deeper into content, facilitates essential connections, and utilizes direct video of Dr. Becky Bailey teaching key concepts in a way that addresses the unique needs of infants and toddlers ages 0-3.

This 6-day professional development opportunity isn’t your average workshop; it’s an interactive experience that breathes life into the concepts and principles of Conscious Discipline with real examples, real practice and real connections. Discover the tools you need to break down barriers and experience lasting change through the transformative power of Conscious Discipline.

Learn more about this Conscious Discipline® event and register online: