Education Investments = Promising Futures

Research shows that for every dollar invested in high-quality early childhood education, society gains up to $7.30 in economic returns over the long term.

Your financial contribution is enormously important in the lives of those we serve. There’s no better way to guarantee a promising future than to invest in early education. The board and staff thank you deeply for your generosity!

Check our monthly newsletter to learn about our most pressing needs.

Ways to Provide Support

Online Donations

One-time and recurring gifts for the Scholarship Fund, Capital Campaign, or the Family Emergency Fund may be made by credit/debit card or bank account. You may also direct the money for the greatest need.

Gifts by Check

The Playing Field
3910 Mineral Point Road
Madison, WI 53705

Other Ways to be Helpful

Gift Cards

We keep gift cards on hand to help families during difficult times. Gas and grocery gift cards are the most helpful.

Underwear & Diapers

New, child-sized underwear and diapers are always needed and appreciated.


If you have time to volunteer, there are many ways to get involved. We could always use a helping hand!

Goods Donations

From time to time, the community asks about donating used goods. While we greatly appreciate the thought, it is often not practical for us to receive such items. See below for The No Thank You List:

Used Books

When we receive books, we have to have a staff person go through them to assure that they are culturally relevant and reflect the values of our School Family. We are also limited on storage space, so having multiple copies of each book can cause a challenge.


Storage space is always a challenge in early childhood programs. In fact, we pay to rent storage space so that our classrooms can rotate furniture and materials. If we need clothing, we post the needed item along with the size on our Facebook page.

Car Seats

Due to concerns related to recalls and expiration dates, we cannot accept used car seats. We are also unable to determine if seats have been involved in an accident.


Used toys are another item that we can not receive. We may not be able to confirm the appropriate age for materials. Pieces are often missing and/or broken and we must devote staff time to assessing the condition of the items.

For questions about donating or voluteering your time, please contact us at