Change the Life of a child

Our Scholarship Fund includes the Mayeshiba Family Alumni Fund and contributions made by friends and families to help children have access to the high quality Early Childhood Education.

What is the Mayeshiba Family Alumni Fund?

The Mayeshiba Family Alumni Fund is a fund started by the generosity of Matt and Tam Mayeshiba.

In 2015, Patrick Mayeshiba was one of the first babies enrolled at The Playing Field. His parents, Matt and Tam are members of Bethany United Methodist Church and chose The Playing Field for their then 9 month old son. Matt and Tam saw their child develop not only physically and intellectually, but he also was ble to blank blank. There were also impressed with the dedication and  enthusiasm of The Playing Field staff.

When Patrick left our program for kindergarten, The Playing Field was surprised to continue receiving funds from their family. At first, we thought it was an error but, we soon learned the Mayeshibas had chosen to support our scholarship fund.

Their generosity has opened doors for other children to attend our high quality early education program and we are thrilled to name our alumni fund after them!

How does it work?

The funds are used for scholarships. These scholarships provide access to those children who would not be able to attend The Playing Field due to food, transportation or housing insecurities.

What Can I do to Help?

As your child prepares to graduate from our program, we are asking you to consider making a monthly contribution of any size to our alumni fund. Even small amounts add up when combined together and you will help us to break barriers to quality early care and education.

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